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Chitragupta puja

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Chitragupta Puja, also known as Chitragupta Jayanti, is celebrated in North India, on the second day of the Shukla Paksha of Kartik month. The celebrations of Chitragupta Puja that fall after Diwali are being observed on November 6, this year. The day is also observed as Yama Dwitiya and Yamraj where the lord of death, is worshipped.,royalty free basketball image

According to the Hindu faith, Chitragupta is believed to be the keeper of the account books, which have the database of all good and bad deeds performed by human beings during their stay on earth. The auspicious time to worship Lord Chitragupta is between 1.15 pm to 3.25 pm. ,handball em quali live

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tennis tournament dates,The idol of Lord Chitragupta should be washed with water and then with rose water. Place a lighted Diya in front of the idol and prepare panchamitra using curd, milk, honey, sugar, and ghee.

Offer fruits and sweets prepared to the lord.  ,basketball goals for sale near me

Further on the Swastika, put some rice and place a Kalash of water. ,betfair

betfair,Read the holy book of Chitragupta puja. Perform the aarti after reading the katha. 

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