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What Is The Minimum Withdrawal Amount In Paypal In India? PayPal users in India can now withdraw funds from their PayPal accounts to their bank accounts for free. Earlier, it was free, but only if you withdrew funds over INR 7,000. If you withdrew funds below INR 7,000, you will have to pay a fee of INR 50.

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What is the PayPal minimum withdrawal amount in India? As per the above explanation, we have known that this is a $10 minimum Paypal limit for Indian users to use the fund transfer button at the money tab.

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Call 2: nobody knew about the minimum withdrawal amount and they got into such a pickle over the phone I just said goodbye; Call 3: had problems with their phone system and got through to fraud for some reason, finally got someone who knew about the limits, told me to move money into PayPal to then withdraw $15.

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PayPal minimum withdrawal amount India: The amount you entered is less than the minimum/ What is the minimum withdrawal amount in PayPal In India? 04/09/2020. 27/08/2021. Anurag.

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No minimum amount needed because you can't store money in PayPal in India. However if you want to with draw before they initiate automatic withdraw, you need to have at least 10$. In India it will withdraw automatically to your account.

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Trophy Points: 410. #1. According to Paypal's existing rules, the minimum withdrawal amount is $10. Now, the new rules states that Indian users will have to withdraw their money every 7 days.